Angist – Circle Of Suffering 7″ Track By Track Review

angist - circle of sufferingAngist first released their debut EP, Circle Of Suffering back in 2011, but 2014 marks the release of it on 7″ vinyl, with the release featuring the EP’s five original tracks along with their two-track 2010 demo for good measure. Not wanting to do this by halves, we decided to write a track-by-track insight on the release.

Circle Of Suffering
Circle Of Suffering kicks off with the title track and it’s a perfect starting to the proceedings, starting off with a bit of atmosphere before the band goes full-throttle with a punchy and in-your-face number, with hammering drums and powerful vocals hitting you especially hard. It’s like the band has gone all-out in their attempt to make a good first impression with the track, and it’s really paid off.

With a practically seamless link between this track and Circle Of Suffering, Godless almost feels like a direct continuation of the prior one, which is both good and bad. It’s good in the sense that it’s another strong inclusion on the release, however there isn’t much variation between the two tracks so it doesn’t perhaps make the impression it should.

More of a slower-paced song, you’d be forgiven that the track lives up to its name at first, as it begins sparsely with minimal instrumentation at first, giving the vocals time to shine as Edda gives a stunning and substantial performance – what a set of pipes she has! However, as the song progresses, more and more power is added to the instrumentation until things reach fever pitch and the track draws to a close by fading out into nothingness, which was a nice touch.

Unwelcome Thoughts
Another strong inclusion, Unwelcome Thoughts picks up the pace once again and packs a tremendous punch. There’s some great thrashy sections littered about the song along with headbangingly fantastic riffs and drumlines so intense that it’s almost impossible to tap your foot along to! A definite highlight of the release.

Death Incarnate
Beginning with a brutal onslaught of aggressive vocals, this track certainly leaves an impression on you in the first few seconds of it getting going and barely leaves you time to take a breath as it relentlessly continues. It truly is a triumphant end to the original EP and the sheer amount of energy Angist displays in this track is indeed something to behold.

Rotten Mind
There’s a certain rough-and-readiness to the tone of the two tracks taken from their 2010 demo and Rotten Mind is the first of the two. There’s nothing about this track that truly sets it apart from the others, which is a little disappointing, but it still keeps the pace going and leads in well to the final track, Our Ruin.

Our Ruin
To say that Our Ruin is a satisfying close to Circle Of Ruin is somewhat of an understatement. Instantaneously sounding like a track made for performing live with plenty of occasions for headbanging and windmilling, it’s an aggressive and apt way to end such an energy-filled and impressive offering by going out on such a high.

Chock-full of potential and massive songs, Circle Of Ruin is a fantastic release that is a must-have for anyone into their death metal – it’s terrific stuff.


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