Angels And Airwaves – The Dream Walker Review

Angels And Airwaves Dream WalkerAngels And Airwaves has always been one of those bands that are like marmite – you either love them or you hate them. For me personally, I never really had the time of day for them, finding their music ridiculously over the top and annoying, but something is different with their latest release, The Dream Walker.

There’s something special about this album; it’s flows very well from song to song and the song-writing is top notch throughout. It’s big and epic, yet not overwhelming, and there’s some songs that are so catchy that you won’t be able to listen to them just once – opener Teenagers And Rituals is a stunning piece that shows off the instrumentation perfectly whilst also featuring big sing-along vocal lines, and Kiss With A Spell is an almost haunting track that sounds a little darker, somehow, and is a song that inexplicably gets stuck in your head, and you notice something new about it on each listen. Other highlights include Mercenaries and the quietly stunning and emotional Tunnels.

Of course, there are some weaker songs that let the album down. Closer Anomaly – which is somewhat aptly titled – feels like a very weak ending to the album, almost like a track that’s been cobbled together at the last minute and it doesn’t have that special sparkle it needs to make an impression, and Bullets In The Wind sounds out of place in comparison to the other tracks, a weedy and unsubstantial track that is difficult to get into.

There’s no doubting that for me personally, this is their best album to date. It’s a very polished and memorable release that sums up exactly what’s great about Angels And Airwaves. If you’ve been a naysayer in the past, why not give them one more try with The Dream Walker? All in all, a highly rewarding listen.


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