Andrew Paley – Sirens Review

andrew-paley-sirensSirens is the brand new release from Andrew Paley (The Static Age) and it’s a rather beautiful collection of ambient and emotive songs that make for easy and pleasant listening.

Sirens consists of two EPs; a set of five brand new songs and Paley’s seven-track EP Songs For Dorian Gray that was previously released about two years ago, but the songs fit together so well that you’d be forgiven for thinking they weren’t originally released together.

When it comes to acoustic singer-songwriter type music, it usually takes a more simplistic approach owing to it just featuring vocals and a soft acoustic guitar line underneath, so subsequently as a result, the music needs to be special for it to leave an impression on you – and that definitely rings true with Sirens. There’s so much emotion and body to the performance despite the simplicity and the flow to the songs is fantastic. It’s just a relaxing and chilled listen, and it’s easy just to close your eyes and get lost in the moment as the album plays out. The vocals are absolutely spot-on – they’re smoother and gentler than Paley’s vocals in The Static Age, and subsequently lend themselves to the music very well.

Quite simply, Sirens is a nice and relaxing listen – and great to listen to on these dark, cold winter nights.


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