Interview with Andrew of Accident Music

Andrew of Accident Music or quite simply the one getting his nose poked in the photo above took some time out to answer some random questions for us.

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Most embarrassing experience on tour?
So far? It’d have to be when we turned up about 3 hours early at a venue where the owner/promoter/asshole, had booked us at least a month in advance and then decided to fuck off on holidays and rent the venue out to another promotion company who had their own gig and bands playing the same night. All without telling us.

It was only embarrassing at first as we had loaded all our gear in early and then had to drag it back out in front of the other bands. But again it wasn’t our fault and we came out on top, as we made good friends with the promotion company, and one of the other bands ‘Girls on Film’ (who are fantastic!). Drank a lot of tequila and generally made the place party hard. By the end of the night everybody in the club knew who we were, sold some merch and we didn’t even play. We are looking forward to going back there.

Have you ever or been tempted to eat playdoh?
No, not since the last time anyway.

What was the last movie you saw?
Michael Jacksons This is it. Not sure if that’s a movie as such but its well worth watching, he’s a legend!

If you could make up a law what would it be?
Haven’t we got enough already? I’d have to say, “Be Excellent to each other”.

What’s your ring tone?
At the moment I’ve got three on the go!
Ringtone for SMS is a sound byte of “THIS IS SPARTA!” from 300. My MMS tone is set with ‘My Hero’ by the Foo Fighters. But my favourite is the call ringtone which is set with ‘ Pilot the Dune’ by Sloburn. If you’ve ever tried to call me and not got an answer its probably because I’m enjoying the song too much.

Guilty listening pleasure?
First thing that springs to mind would be Paramore, me and Chris (AM) share this one, but i think its undeserved as being a guilty pleasure, I mean the production of their stuff is floorless and they have some wicked tunes. So I’d have to say at the moment I’m listening to 30H3! or whatever the fuck they’re called, that’s dubious listening right there.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Right now I’ve been obsessed with going to L.A, just to sit around in coffee shops hoping to bump into Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm). That guy is a genius and I’m sure we could sit there arguing over pointless shit all day long.

Favourite tattoo you have and the story behind it?
Its too hard to pick a favourite. I have just had a new one though, a portrait of Marilyn Monroe from her last photo shoot with Bert Stern. It’s a pretty large piece at the left of my stomach done by the awesome Chloe Black of The Five Points Tattoo Studio.

Favourite curse word?
Gotta be ‘bastard’. Just slow it down a bit and slam loads of emphasis on it, maybe pre-empt it with a “You fucking…”. Doesn’t get any better than that… try it now, after 3…

If there was a movie written about your life, who would you want to play you?
My son, not that i have a son yet, but i think it’d be a lot of fun for him to experience some of the fucking scrapes I’ve got myself into so far!

Or if thats not going to happen then I quite liked the way The imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus worked out (as tragic as it was that it came to be filmed that way). I think it really worked and mixed the characters personality up a lot, which gives a lot of depth to a character as I guess everyone has different perceptions of each other. For example, I think that Nick Griffin is a complete c**t, where as others may think that he’s a complete asshole. Either way Nick Griffin can get fucked!

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