Behind The Scenes: Andreas Moe On New Single Borderline


Andreas Moe has just released his new single Borderline, taken from his EP of the same name. We asked him to give us a behind the scenes insight on the track. Check it out below, listen to the song and let us know your thoughts!

On the writing and recording process:
I had this guitar riff idea. I really felt it had something, but I wasn’t sure where I wanted to take it from there. It took me a while but when I found the sound I wanted, it all really fell to place naturally. I finished the music to the song and started thinking about concepts and lyrics. I sat down with two really good friends of mine Hiten Bharadia and Curtis Richardson and we started talking about love and about relationships, and together we wrote the lyrics, and we called it Borderline.

About the song:
Borderline is a song about overcoming all the difficulties of modern love. That even though your love for someone is limitless and your relationship is stronger than ever, there will still be arguments and you will still have problems to overcome. There are always problems even in the most perfect of loves but then one day, you cross the “borderline” to a place where you understand each other perfectly, where there are no more fights, disagreements only love.

The reasoning behind choosing it as a single:
I think Borderline is a song that gets better every time you listen to it. I don’t think it’s a HIT at first listen, but thats not what Im going for, but more of a grower. It’s a song that really shows who I am, and that’s the reason I went with that song.

What fans can expect from the EP:
They can expect music that really comes from my heart. Every song on this EP means a lot to me and I hope that translates into a genuine and honest vibe of the whole EP. I think there will be something there that everyone who listens can relate to and find their own story in.

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