And The Wasters – State Of Repair Review

state of repair and the wastersState Of Repair is the latest EP from folk/punk/ska outfit And The Wasters, and it’s a wonderfully energetic piece that has a lot to give.

The passion and momentum to the EP can’t be faulted, and it’s just a fun little piece that will surely translate well into a live environment – music in this genre always does. It may not be the most taxing or demanding listen, especially as it’s nothing musically new, but for what it is, it’s a great bit of work and features some awesome earworms.

The fast pace helps to keep the momentum going from start to finish, and the brass is especially good. Additionally, the music as a whole is very catchy – from the chorus of Lion’s Share to the wonderful introductory accordion solo in Small Victories and the infectiously catchy repeating line in penultimate track Bound As One, you’ll be singing, humming and tapping your foot along to all of the tracks in one way or another.

As a whole, State Of Repair is a great listen. And The Wasters have created an extremely catchy EP and trust me when I say these tracks will be destined to rattle round your head for days after you finish listening to them!


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