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…And The Hangnails have just released their brand new album DOG. We caught up with guitarist Martyn Fillingham for an insight into their musical tastes and influences – get involved below!

A song that influenced you
Search And Destroy by Iggy And The Stooges. That guitar tone is unreal. That’s the best sounding recording of a guitar I’ve ever heard. Finding that level of balance between awful trashy distortion and clarity, but in my own way, is the goal for me when it comes to production.

A song you wish you could have written
Simple Twist Of Fate by Bob Dylan. Just amazing isn’t it. Lyrically and musically. Being able to distill that level of humanity would be a beautiful achievement.

Your favourite …And The Hangnails song
Fear Only Fear. We play it differently every time live, so doesn’t ever get boring for me to play. Can be done really loud and screamy start to finish, sometimes more reserved and reverby and minimalist in certain bits, or swing between the two and all places between. So it’s fun to play with, especially in regards to dynamics.

A song you’ve been listening to a lot recently
Union Of Mind And Soul by GOAT. That melody. And then the shift of tone into the verses. So good.

Your all time favourite song
Be My Baby. The Ronettes. It’s just amazing. We do an awful cover of it sometimes. Just such a great song and the recording is so perfect. Im a big fan of motown and soul. My mum always listened when I was growing up. This one really stayed with me.

…And The Hangnails’ new album, DOG is out now through Young Thugs Records – Available on vinyl, CD and digital download here: http://www.andthehangnaills.com/

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