An Interview with Junksista

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Junksista are in an open relationship with music. Their songs and albums clearly reflect a passion for sounds of all sizes. From rock through electro and soundtracks to club hits Junksista have got songs for all occassions (even Christmas Day!) We spoke to Diana Noir about Junksistas’ Promiscuous Tendencies.

“Being musically promiscuous is more sanitary. There is less risk of contracting a STD and it doesn’t cause any stains.”

Your new album Promiscuous Tendencies is coming out, tell us about it, and what can you say about some of your own promiscuous tendencies?

As a music consumer and also as a music producer I am very very promiscuous. I really don’t like to limit myself to one style, one scene or one kind of sound. I need music to either be interesting, original, surprising or simply entertaining. When I tell people that I like songs from Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift they seem to be rather shocked. But what can I say, I enjoy well produced pop music just as much as Iron Maiden, Röyksopp or Fleetwood Mac.

Can you give us some background on how this album was conceived?

First we sacrificed a one legged virgin to the demon Pazuzu and then a satanic priest tattooed a pentagram on my left boob. After this ceremony we went to the studio and fell into a drug induced trance. When we regained conciousness, we found the recorded, mixed and mastered album on our hard drive. Hail Satan!

For real: We started writing songs for this in 2015 already. We actually intended to release the album in 2016 but then decided to go for an EP instead. That’s how Sinner’s Delight happened. Then we got distracted with scoring music for films again, we also started a side-project (which we’re still keeping a secret for now!) and at one point we finally decided to start working on these songs again and to also write a few new ones. We used all this time wisely to improve our production skills, to re-record parts until perfection and to really make everything sound exactly like we wanted it to.

What is the coolest (or craziest) place you have heard a Junksista track?

I don’t know if it’s cool or crazy but there is this german mainstream TV show on one of the biggest TV channels. The show itself is super trashy but it’s very successful with like around a million viewers. They’ve repeatedly used Junksista songs, I think at least five or six times. I don’t know what to think of this (laughs)

Are there any tracks you’d expect to hear at a sex dungeon (also have you written any tracks with that in mind?)

Most of our tracks are written expressly for this purpose. I was actually told by a DJ once, that he played our stuff at that kind of party. With like naked people, bondage and whatnot. I cried tears of pride.

What sort of relationship do you and Boog have when writing music? Is it a Master & Servant kind of thing or is it mutual I/O.

It used to be complicated, but it’s now slightly less complicated.

It’s actually quite ok. We both write songs and send each other demos of our ideas. Other tasks are spread between us. Like recording vocals and writing lyrics is obviously my job. It’s Boogs job to do the mix and the master. We give each other lot’s of feedback and we have sessions together. I really think we’re combining our talents in the most efficient and fun way! And while we do so there is lots of insulting and inappropriate bitching going on. We’re good at that too.

What is the kinkiest thing you (and or Boog) have done or do before a show/recording session?

I guess I am pretty boring. No matter if it’s a show or a session – I get slightly (or very) drunk and that’s about the kinkiest thing I do. When it’s a recording session, sometimes I show up right after my workout which means I wear silly sport clothes and I smell really bad. Yeah that’s not kinky.

You both play guitar but who has the kinkiest G-string?

I actually play bass guitar which is longer and vibrates more. So I win.

If you had to fetishize any instrument what would it be?

Well, a bass guitar for the same reason.

When you are not writing and producing sensual sounds for sexual people you are introducing the world to a new director or film. Is there a difference in how you approach writing music for cinema to songs for albums?

There is a huge difference: usually the director knows exactly what kind of song he wants for a movie or scene and if they don’t know, they are at least thinking of a mood or a feeling. Usually when writing music, we just do what we feel like in the moment.

For an OST we have to express something specific in a way that someone else is imagining. It’s great fun though. Usually when we get to see the footage it’s very clear what sound is required to fit it!

…Or we explain to the director that his idea is stupid and he should just accept whatever music we give him.

What Junksista track would you suggest to be used during a crucial moment in a nature documentary? [like when the animals are getting all origin of the species with it.]

I suggest Trust No Bitch for no reason in particular.

Change a word ruin a movie:

Schindlers Lisp

Do you have any words of wisdom about having promiscuous tendencies?

I have words of wisdom for just about everything, so sure: If you’re going to be sexually promiscuous, then at least don’t be a cheating, lying piece of shit. I hate those which you might notice if you listen to my lyrics carefully.

Being musically promiscuous is more sanitary. There is less risk of contracting a STD and it doesn’t cause any stains. Unless you’re listening to Junksista cuz that is juicy music. Just saying.

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