A Mouth Full of Matches – Smoke Signals Review

A Mouth Full of Matches - Smoke SignalsStill very much in the summer of EP’s here in 2014, we’re now bringing you A Mouth Full of Matches latest release. It’s a four track EP titled Smoke Signals, named as such to try emphasize how hard it is to get noticed in this ever increasing industry.

Opening track Danger High isn’t fast or driving, what it is it’s big with its atmospheric scape. It’s got a wide sound and it really helps create a picture for the listener.

Next track up is One By One; which has a really catchy chorus. It’s quite a big number with it’s backing vocals just adding more layers to the track. As does the guitar solo, which feels really emotional.

Wait For Me is a heavier number. It’s got some really engaging drums throughout which will totally make you tap your toes along, and the guitar riff creates a full and very rich sound.

The final track on the EP is Young Blood. It kicks in pretty much instantly. It’s a solid end to the EP with a track that just wraps up this short burst of sound from A Mouth Full of Matches.

The EP is well produced and the songs are pretty decent. There’s no major wow factor to this EP, but it’s early days yet. With such good production and decent song writing this band could really hone it’s sound and writing ability into something rather special. It’s a nice release and it’ll be interesting to see if they can make their next record even stronger.


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