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American Heritage ProlapseIt’s fair to say that American Heritage, a sludge/hardcore band from – surprise surprise! – America, have been in the business for a while and as such, have had a long time to hone their skills and perfect their music, and Prolapse is a well-polished release that shows the band firing from all cylinders.

The vocals have a great gravelly edge to them at times and the instrumentation is fuzzy yet you can also make out every single note, which is a fantastic quality to have as it really helps to keep you focused on the music. Opener Eastward Cast The Entrails has an introduction that immediately grabs your interest with screeching guitars and noise, and from then on, American Heritage holds it from start to finish.

Highlights including punkier number Blackbird and the hard-hitting Obliviocrity, and the release even features three cover songs of tracks by Descendents, Black Flag and Girls Against Boys, which American Heritage have really put their own stamp on and it makes for a delightful listen.

Some of the songs on Prolapse do follow similar formats to each other, with a couple of introductions sounding almost identical to one another, and there isn’t much variation in the vocal lines, so at times it does feel like American Heritage can even go so far as to push themselves even further! However as a whole it’s a rather great piece and one that looks set to do very well for the four-piece.


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