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Ambient rock quartet Amére have recently released their debut music video for single Young Love via Punktastic after the single premiered on BBC Radio Wales on Adam Walton’s BBC Introducing show. We were eager to find out more, so we caught up with the band for a chat about the song.

So you recently released a video for your song Young Love – what’s the story behind the song?
Well the song doesn’t really have a narrative but it’s about the heavy sense of guilt you feel when you lose all feelings for a partner. The fact that our feelings are much more capricious and fickle when we’re younger means that this is all too common in our teen years.

Can you describe the writing and recording process for it?
The writing process felt just so natural. Young Love was the first song we ever wrote as a band and everything just clicked into place. We had the fundamentals written pretty much within a single practice session. We polished it up over the next few practices then and booked in for studio time not long after. The recording process, although eventful, was just as smooth when we got down to it really. Apart from getting lost, tracking some “haunting” backing vocals and abusing wind eze tablets, it went without a hitch. We all nailed most of our parts within a couple of takes and were done within a few hours of starting. Although that is probably more due to the guys at unit 13 studios, they were stars.

What made you choose to release that song as a single and record a video for it?
Well simply put it was our most “poppy” song. It was simple, catchy but pretty powerful at the same time. It just made for an ideal debut and helped us grab peoples attention.

How did the recording of the video go? Any interesting stories to report from filming?
It was awesome. Basically just one laugh after another with our producer/director Aaron. Nothing spectacularly interesting happened but our bassist managed to get into our drummers phone and messaged the girl he was seeing some pretty rude things. That didn’t go down all too well but we all had a laugh out of it in the end.

Would you say Young Love is representative for what fans can expect from future releases from you, or is it more of a standalone piece?
For sure! Young Love is basically an iteration of all the dimensions of our sound. While some of our songs may be darker or more technical or maybe even more upbeat, they’re all in the same sort of vein as young love.

And what’s in store for you for 2017?
We plan on releasing something a bit more significant next year, alongside a plethora of singles and maybe even another music video. Gigging and touring is also high on the agenda. We plan on playing in as many different cities as possible after a few local shows to establish ourselves.

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