Amberline – The Art Of Reinvention EP Review

Since the release of their debut EP, “Soundtrack Of Your Life”, this Guildford based pop-punk 5-piece have steadily established themselves as one of the UK’s most energetic and promising up-and-coming bands. With a knack for writing big radio friendly anthems, and through labeling themselves as an “easycore” band, listening to Amberline is like the musical equivalent of eating a full bowl of popping candy. Each song a short, sharp sugar rush meant for pure enjoyment.

The new EP, “The Art Of Reinvention”, despite it’s name, doesn’t differ a great deal from the debut, other than being more polished in production, but, pop-punk is one of those things that is best left alone. The formula is simple, colorful, lively, catchy-as-hell songs written solely for fun. You know the old saying right? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Opening track “I’m A Grower, Not A Show-Er” starts things off with a personal message from front man Mark Steggall. Apparently influenced by past professional relationships with music promoters in the early stages of the bands development. It sounds like it owes a lot to bands such as NEW FOUND GLORY and it’s easy to imagine the chorus encouraging a mass sing-along during live shows.

“The Lost And Hopeless” is a brilliant track, starting off nice and gently before guitarists Nick and Rob assert their presence. Vocals are clean and the song is big on hooks, potentially a huge single in waiting. “Here Comes The Colonel” includes a couple of breakdowns here and there but stands firm in it’s pop-rock foundations, before closing track “Fingers Crossed” rounds things off nicely, leaving the listener with that “happily ever after” kind of feeling.

“The Art Of Reinvention” may not be reinventing the wheel, or pop-rock for that matter, but it reminds us what a fine band Amberline truly are. The UK is bustling with fresh talented young bands right now, Amberline being one of them…and if they keep this up, expect big things form these guys in the future.


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