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Amberian Dawn Magic ForestIn a genre oversaturated by bands all doing the exact same thing, it can be rather difficult to stand out and make a sizeable impression when it comes to symphonic metal, especially the female-fronted sort. Amberian Dawn’s latest effort (which is also the first full length release with talented new vocalist Capri) Magic Forest isn’t really anything new, per se, but it’s certainly a stunning release.

Quite simply, it features track after track of absolute belters. Opener Cherish My Memory is a striking way to kick things off with a massive chorus that certainly won’t be getting out of your head any time soon, and is surely a song that will be a staple of their live set for years to come.

Similarly, the title track is another incredible inclusion, and it’s no wonder that Amberian Dawn took their album title from this track because it’s a bit of an epic. The instrumentation and song construction is second-to-none and it also features a jaw-dropping vocal performance from Capri, showcasing her versatility and that she can sing in an operatic style just as well as she can sing clean/normal vocals.

Overall, Magic Forest is a great album and it has some real high points throughout. Sure, it doesn’t really tread in any new territory, but when the songwriting and overall quality is this good, it can be overlooked.


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