Amaryllis – Revolt Track By Track Review

Amaryllis - RevoltAmaryllis are a relatively new band, but they’re one that’s certainly hit the ground running with their new EP, Revolt.

The 5 tracker kicks in immediately, with a track titled Kings, and makes you want to get up and mosh (and I don’t mosh anymore!). When the vocals finally kick in you’re hit with a sense of “thank god” because you’ve been waiting for a band like this for so long.

The guitar riffs and the drums on this take the song above and beyond anything you can expect from many bands these days. And the, albeit it brief, guitar solo is just put in the perfect place to complete this opening track. Only one track in and already your pulse will be racing and it will be hard to breathe.

Stand Down
Stand Down is up next and it’s easily as catchy as Kings. It has a really nice guitar riff throughout the verse that leads into a sing-a-long bridge. The format of that song is kept simple but that’s what makes it so catchy because it’s simple done to perfection.

The middle track of this 5 track EP is Prophecies. The lyrics to this tracks chorus will be picked up almost instantly and you’ll be belting them out in no time. The whole track is going to be a live show corker. The atmospheric and beautifully lulling breakdown before the simple yet effective guitar solo really ends the track on a high and shows the maturity of this bands writing skills.

The melodic ending to the last track leads perfectly into Goodbye. This track is easy listening but it’s also toe tappingly catchy. This band certainly know how to sell a song and have done very well on this track to do just that.

Strangers In August
The final track for this EP is Strangers In August which starts as an acoustic track before the other instruments get added in. But it’s still a soft track. Until it builds about one minute from its end. The track slowly grows and the scape of the song really changes. It is really pretty and a nice end to the EP.

This EP rocks harder than any other music released this year so far and could easily be a strong contender for release of the year. A definite new band to watch out for. If I had to attempt to make one complaint about this band it would be that I want the vocals to emotionally match the level and scape of the music. It’s a really minor note however because I really enjoyed the record as a whole, I just found at times as the guitar and drums built I felt the vocals were a bit left behind. But for a first release, this is definitely a strong opener to what could be your new favourite band.


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