Amaryllis – Nova Initium Review

amaryllis Nova InitiumNova Initium is the debut album from Amaryllis and it’s a good starting point for the band, albeit a little on the safe side.

The music is well-written and performed, and there’s certainly plenty of big choruses to sing along to and get involved with, but on the other hand this isn’t anything you haven’t already heard – there’s no real identity to the music that sets Amaryllis apart from the crowd and it’s a shame because the raw ability displayed by the band on these eight tracks is great.

That’s not to say the album is bad – in fact, it’s far from it, with highlights of the piece including the highly passionately performed Hold On and the stunning slow burner Initium – although this track takes a little while to fully get moving, the way the band builds up the track is something to behold and it’s one of those performances that will send shivers down your spine.

As a whole, Nova Initium is a nice little piece. The production quality and mix is fantastic, and the music is easy to listen to – but if you’re expecting something a little different to the norm then you may wind up disappointed.


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