Amaranthe – Massive Addictive Review

Massive Addictive AmarantheSometimes all you need to hear is a few seconds of the opening track to know that an album is going to be something special, and that is exactly the case with Amaranthe’s fantastic latest offering, Massive Addictive. Jam-packed full of twelve infectiously catchy tunes, it’s an absolutely brilliant listen from start to finish.

Amaranthe immediately grab your interest with opener Dynamite and hold onto it as they power into Drop Dead Cynical, which is an early highlight of the release. The band have released this track as a single and it’s clear why because it’s one of those songs that worms its way into your head and you won’t be able to shake it out for days on end. The instrumentation is stunning and well-executed, and all three vocalists give a top-notch performance – making for an all-round memorable track.

Another great inclusion is Digital World, which is a song that begins with a wonderfully heavy section simply begging for you to bang your head along to, and then the song progresses through the verse and into a massive sounding sing-along chorus that I can already see crowds singing along to in a live environment!

It goes without saying that Massive Addictive is an absolutely great album – in fact, you could say it’s massively addictive!


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