Alter Bridge – Fortress Review

The first track Cry of Achilles is a strange opener, you are left thinking this is a classical/ spanish piece but, then it drops. Alter Bridge are back! And have produced one of the best rock/metal albums of recent times. We welcome back Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti who return from solo projects and it feels like they are home.

Fortress is effortlessly brilliant and features 12 tracks of straight up hard rock that highlight the band’s talent and versatility. Slow ballads and full on metal are not something you would expect but they sit together perfectly on the journey you take through this album.

Mark Tremonti is a genius on the guitar and is a modern day guitar hero. Yes, this is a horrible cliche but it is true, they still show the passion and creativity with guitar playing and this may hopefully inspire a new generation of guitarists/musicians. Riff after riff of distorted goodness (Cry Of Achilles//Fortress//Farther Than The Sun) as well as the stripped back songs (Lover//All Ends Well) prove that Alter Bridge are the masters of the hard rock genre with each member proving their technical ability and song writing capabilities which are leading the way with modern bands.

Hooks galore, and this stems from both the vocals/guitars and the temptation to air drum is very high! The new collection is packed full of big stadium rock sounds for their October tour and you can already hear the crowds singing back the chorus’s. Special credit has to go to Myles Kennedy whose vocal performance on Fortress is hugely impressive and its clear why Slash has been hogging him recently.

This review could have been five words “just a really awesome album” there is nothing negative to discuss, there is something for everyone on display which is surely why Alter Bridge have such mass appeal and the new album will only entice new fans or those on the fence!

But, all the above is no surprise really, we all know how hugely respected and talented Alter Bridge are and Fortress only adds to this. It really is refreshing to see a hard rock band still putting out great music and may that long continue!


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