Ally Burnett – 27 Review

Ally Burnett is a hugely talented american singer/songwriter who I have been a big fan of for some time. We first introduced you to Ally last year and she has just released 27, her latest EP.

The EP kicks of with Stay, A great track with an outstanding vocal melody and a really memorable chorus.

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Songwriter Scorned is an absolutely perfect pop rock song – amazing melodies, big chorus, catchy as hell with a great set of lyrics, one of my favourites here.

Draw The Line is a completely different style of song – brooding, riffy and pretty damn heavy. Ally’s reverb tinged, soaring vocal is excellent and suits the song perfectly.

I Went To California And All I Got Was Over You is another example of Ally’s outstanding songwriting capabilities, another memorable, catchy pop rock masterpiece. Ally definitely has a way with words and isn’t afraid to pour out her heart and experiences into her songs and I’ll tell you something, you definitely don’t want to piss her off!

The EP sounds wonderful, mostly produced by multi instrumentalist Rob Freeman, his chemistry with Ally really shines through.

Final track Chasing A Ghost is an absolutely beautiful track – compelling and ethereal sounding and real fitting end to this diverse EP.

Ally is a criminally underrated artist who is definitely a triple threat, she has the looks, the songwriting ability and an amazing voice, please take the time to check her out and pick up this EP.


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