All Time Low – Brixton Academy, London 08/03/14


Tonight sees the first date on All Time Low’s UK tour, they kick off in the mighty Brixton Academy and end there a week later. It’s a beautiful venue and it’s full of eager teens. Spotted in the crowd are some rather dashing balloon hats and a host of handmade signs.

Tonight Alive are a fine choice for the tour and get the crowd going to a handful of fan favourites. Singer Jenna McDougall rallies around the stage posing for the camera and reaching out fans. It’s a comfortable set for the band and there’s no doubt they’ll secure some new fans on this tour.

Upon taking the stage All Time Low command the academy. The crowd are enthusiastic as they take every opportunity to inch closer to singer Alex as he plays out towards the front row. The screams, as you can imagine, are piercing. The security try to control a never ending ocean of girls crowd surfing or just outright exhausted.

Guitarist Jack runs around the stage like a child on a sugar rush with a range of facial expressions that would put a professional actor to shame. They’re lads and they’re having fun. The night turns playful early on when some bras make a few appearances dangling off guitars.

The band throw everything they have at the crowd and the crowd like what they get (especially the mix of the hits that span their career). Tonight Alive’s Jenna McDougall guests on A Love Like War and at one point sees fans brought up on stage to help sing along – a night they won’t forget in a hurry. It’s the little things like this that mark a great show and an unforgettable experience for the younger fans.

Many I imagine will be back in a weeks time.


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