Allegaeon – Elements Of The Infinite Review

Allegaeon - Elements of the InfiniteMelodic death metal can be quite a tired genre at times and is one of those types of music where it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd due to the sheer amount of bands doing the same thing, but a band doing things right is Allegaeon, who are currently getting ready to release their third full-length album, Elements Of The Infinite.

Quite simply, Elements Of The Infinite is a striking album and is an engaging listen that you’ll want to keep revisiting. There are some great technical guitar sections and powerful drumlines, both of which accompany the vocals magnificently, and it all blends together to create something great.

There are some creases that need ironing out, as the album does dip a little in the middle with some of the tracks merging into one entity rather than being their own song due to similarities between them. It’s a little disappointing but aside from there are strong tracks aplenty and with great inclusions such as the massive The Phylogenesis Stretch – featuring a fantastic guitar solo to boot – and the energetically noisy Tyrants of the Terrestrial Exodus, you can be certain that this album will leave you satisfied once the closing chords ring out.

Overall, Elements Of The Infinite is a great album and you can be certain this will go down a treat in the Allegaeon fanbase.


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