Alfahanne – Blod Eld Alfa Review

Alfahanne artworkAfter being very impressed with both Alfahanne’s debut album Alfapokalyps and their performance at Incineration Festival in London, I went in with high hopes for Alfahanne’s second offering Blod Eld Alfa and needless to say, it didn’t disappoint.

For the most part, Blod Eld Alfa feels like Alfahanne have picked up right where they left off with Alfapokalyps and things get off to a running start with the opening track Alfa Kropp Alfa Blod. The track really grabs your attention with the spoken introduction and the chanted sections are tailor-made for audiences to shout back at the band in a live environment.

Like the band’s last album, Blod Eld Alfa also features some guest appearances and the strongest one is the guest vocals from Spellgoth (Turmion Kätilöt, Horna), Hora Tills Du Dör/Huora Kuolemaansa which is indeed a mighty track. The song packs a punch right from the start with an almost-frenetic guitar introduction before both Alfahanne’s vocalist Pehr and Spellgoth join forces for a double aural attack. With Pehr’s vocals having a smoother and ‘cleaner’ sound in comparison to the roughness and power of Spellgoth’s, the two different approaches work well together and it results in the song really sticking in your head as a result.

If you loved Alfapokalyps, chances are you’ll love this too – this is another strong album from this promising Swedish fourpiece.


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