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alexanred always activeWe first introduced you to industrial rock/metal artist Alexanred last year with the release of his single Non-Stop Non-Stop, and now he is back with his debut album, Always Active, which is a great little release that will play on your mind long after it comes to a close.

Alexanred takes no prisoners and gets straight to business with opener Holiday In The Cold, a catchy little number that drags you in and maintains your interest from start to finish, which is exactly what you want from the opening song on an album.

Following track This Is My Base then switches things up a bit with a fuzzy introduction and rather mysterious-sounding vocals that give everything an innate darkness. It’s a complete contrast to the prior track and really shows how versatile Alexanred can be and that he can write songs in varying styles to a very high standard. Rest After Result is another highlight, with the chorus being so catchy that it’s sure to be stuck in your head for weeks afterwards, and it’s one of the standout vocal performances of the album, with the whispered and spoken vocals also adding a lot to the track as a whole.

Always Active comes to a close with the aforementioned Non-Stop Non-Stop . As one of the most energetic tracks of Always Active, it is arguably the best track to wind everything up with, ending things on a high and helping the album to live up to its name. All in all, a great and memorable listen – if you’re into your industrial music, you won’t want to miss this album.


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