Aleksi Susi – That Ship Is Still Waiting Review

aleksi susi that ship is still waitingFollowing a series of singles, That Ship Is Still Waiting is the first EP release from Aleksi Susi (who had previously been using the moniker of Alexanred) and although it’s only three tracks in duration, it’s still a pretty substantial release. Taking a more electronic route with the music under his own name, there’s a definite old-school vibe when it comes to the synths, yet it also sounds fresh and modern, which is testament to great songwriting.

The opening track, title track That Ship Is Still Waiting serves as a nice introduction to the album. The introduction to the track is catchy and really worms its way into your head before the song progresses into a fuller sound when the vocals join in. It’s an all-round light-sounding song that will definitely get stuck in your head after a few listens, and what works particularly well is the way it just effortlessly blends into the second track Class Reunion. This one is more of a melancholic-sounding track, but is no less of an earworm and it’s another song that will certainly be rattling round your head once the EP has come to a close.

Third track Sunny Beaches is perhaps the weakest of the three; there’s no big hooks in it that draw you into the track like with the other two. It’s by no means a bad song, but definitely doesn’t pack the same punch of the other two and doesn’t leave a massive impression on you, which is a shame.

Nevertheless, That Ship Is Still Waiting is a great little piece and one I certainly plan to keep revisiting for another listen!


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