Ajattara – Lupaus Review

ajattara lupausAjattara was a band I discovered far too late; having only gotten into them about a year after they split up, so when it was announced that the band was making a return, I couldn’t have been happier – especially since I was even lucky enough to catch them live at their comeback performance at Nummirock 2016.

Lupaus is the band’s first studio album since 2011’s Murhat and although it’s not necessarily an album that will immediately ‘grab’ you, it is still an album worth sticking with because it’s most definitely a grower and the more you listen, the more addictive it becomes. You seem to notice something different on each listen and whilst it doesn’t necessarily contain any surprises, it’s a perfect comeback for the band as it seemingly picks up exactly where they left off in 2011!

One of the stronger songs of the album is the band’s first release from the piece – the seriously catchy Ave Satana, so it’s no wonder why that song was chosen as the first pick from the piece. Featuring punchy vocals that you’ll definitely want to join in with (especially after seeing the video!), infectious riffs and hard-hitting drums, it’s a really impressionable track that will certainly rattle round your head for a good while after you’ve finished listening to it.

Lupaus is a most welcome comeback from this incredible Finnish sixpiece. It’s a rewarding listen with plenty of phenomenal songs to wrap your head round and it showcases Ajattara at the top of their game – it’s like they’ve never even been away! Now bring on Nummirock 2017…!


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