Airbag – Disconnected Review

Airbag - DisconnectedAirbag is back with album number four entitled Disconnected and it is also a rewarding listen that is definitely worth sticking with.

Disconnected gets moving straight away with first track Killer, which opens with some keys that have a great psychedelic vibe and coupled with the electric guitar and drums, it adds a nice amount of atmosphere and sets the scene well as the song progresses. The vocals in this song are utilised well; with a good balance between the instrumental sections and the vocally-driven parts, and it’s a pleasure to listen to as a result. The album moves well from there, with a particular highlight being third track Slave – you can really hear the passion and emotion in the performance and it’s enough to make your spine tingle.

Their previous album, The Greatest Show On Earth was perhaps best described as a slow-burner that took a while to connect with, but Disconnected is an easier listen that is a little more accessible as a result. There’s musically a bit more bite to the piece, plenty of memorable hooks and melodies, and you can’t help but be drawn into the music as Airbag moves through the album.

All in all, this is a great album. If you like your classic prog, this will definitely be up your street.


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