AFI Announce New Album


AFI have released details on their eponymous tenth studio album subtitled ‘The Blood Album.’  The album will feature the recently released songs Snow Cats and White Offerings that were recently made available on their Spotify profile. The album is set for release on 20th January next year and will be available through both iTunes and Amazon.

AFI (The Blood Album) Tracklist:

  1.  “Dark Snow”
  2.  “Still a Stranger”
  3.  “Aurelia”
  4.  “Hidden Knives”
  5.  “Get Hurt”
  6.  “Above the Bridge”
  7.  “So Beneath You”
  8.  “Snow Cats”
  9.  “Dumb Kids”
  10.  “Pink Eyes”
  11.  “Feed From the Floor”
  12.  “White Offerings”
  13.  “She Speaks the Language”
  14.  “The Wind That Carries Me Away”


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