Ævangelist – Writhes In The Murk Review

AEvangelist Writhes In The MurkÆvangelist first appeared under our radar last year with their album Omen Ex Simulacra and they’re now back with the follow-up to it and their third full-length release overall, Writhes In The Murk.

It firstly has to be said that not a lot has really changed between this and their last release, almost to the extent that it feels like they’ve just put out exactly the same album for the second year in a row. The low vocal levels that plagued their prior release are evident on this album too, and it’s disappointing because it really does feel like the album could benefit from the vocals being a bit clearer – it really would add a lot more meat to it all.

However, Writhes In The Murk is still a good listen all the same, with particular highlights being Disquiet – a purely instrumental track which truly lives up to its name because there’s just this eerie feeling of unease and unsettlement throughout – and Halo Of Lamented Glory, which is a striking and powerfully heavy number that sits rather well in the closing half of the album, and it really leaves a lasting impression on you with the sheer amount of noise that’s blasted at you from start to finish.

As a whole, it does feel like Ævangelist can do a little better because it is like they’ve taken the lazy way out by crafting a very similar album to its predecessor, but it goes without saying that if you liked Omen Ex Simulacra, you’ll enjoy this one too. It just would have been a little better if they’d been more adventurous and tried something a little different to mix things up.


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