Aesthetic Perfection – ‘Til Death Review

Aesthetic Perfection Til DeathIt almost feels like Aesthetic Perfection are ten years too late with their offering ‘Til Death as this is a release that would have fit right in with the emo ‘boom’ back in the mid ’00s but nevertheless it still feels relevant today and is a fantastic album that I personally can’t get enough of!

It’s just mindlessly catchy, all killer and no filler. Antibody has a great synth line throughout that complements the chorus perfectly and Lights Out is one of those songs that just seems destined to get a crowd moving in a live environment with a vast amount of sections made for either singing along to or dancing to. It’s Death Rattle that immediately stands out as one of the album’s biggest successes. Although the lyrics are a little cringeworthy at times, it’s no big deal because the music more than makes up for it. It’s infectiously catchy and memorable, and is a track you’ll keep hitting ‘replay’ on. Try and listen to the chorus and not want to sing along, I dare you.

Another fantastic one is Oh, Gloria!. Opening with whispered vocals before the song properly gets going, it’s a striking introduction that leads the listener in nicely into an all-round funky affair that is another track destined to get stuck in your head, and following on from that is The Dark Half which is a more emotional track with a rawer tone to the vocals and a massive-sounding electronic line.

Aesthetic Perfection have quite simply mastered the art of writing memorable songs and the only thing that’s stopped me from giving this album a 10 is occasionally-dodgy lyrics – but if that’s the only thing that’s not so good about this album, then I don’t think the band should really worry! An engaging listen that could well turn up on a few ‘best albums of 2014’ lists at the end of the year.


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