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Adelphia 2015It’s been a busy time for pop-rockers Adelphia, who have recently released a new video for their track Better Off and also introduced two new members into the band – bassist Conor Wade and rhythm guitarist Will Mckeown – but drummer Rik still found the time to chat with us about his music tastes and influences. Check them out below!


A song that influenced him
Blink-182 – First Date

This song influenced me in a big way. I think at the time, it was the only song that instantly hit me with drums that sounded fast and in your face during the intro before leading into an anthem! Travis Barker was my main influence growing up and I styled myself on his playing, largely due to the way he structured the drums and applied them technically. He also doesn’t go OTT and it really struck me, making me think about the possibilities of texturing music without it sounding like a solo.

A song he wishes he could have written
Brand New – Jesus Christ

I got into Brand New a few years ago and this song hit me the most. The track is pretty straight forward and not too complex, but builds in a way that hits you emotionally. Alongside Jesse Lacey’s amazing lyricism, the song just spoke to me in a big way and has remained a song that I can never skip. I hope that one day we can write a song that has that much influence on other people.

His favourite Adelphia song
Lost At Sea

Lost At Sea was one of the first songs that we ever wrote, but it was definitely the first song that made me think that we might have something different. It’s not too complex and it’s pretty mellow, but it has depth on all levels and although not technically challenging, it delivers everything that it needs to.

A song he’s been listening to a lot recently
Sam Smith – Make It To Me

I’m a massive Sam Smith fan and I’ve studied his work quite a lot; but I’ve recently discovered Make It To Me and I’ve connected with it personally in a massive way! Lyrically and vocally it’s just a beautiful track, go and listen to it!

His all-time favourite song
Taking Back Sunday – MakeDamnSure

This song just has everything, straight in with a strong guitar and vocal melody, hooks left, right and centre as well as a great musical structure throughout. TBS just have a way to punch you in the gut with every tune, without losing their style after all of these years. They’re a massive influence of mine and this song defines them and what they stand for.

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