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ACODA will soon be releasing their brand new album Truth Seeker, which can currently be pre-ordered from this location. We wanted to know a bit more about their musical tastes and influences, so we sat down with Stephen and Jake to find out a bit more. You can check it out below, and listen to the playlist via our page here.

A Song That Influenced Them
Stephen: Smash by The Offspring, from the album of the same name. Smash the album was a total game changer of a record for me. This was a record that spoke to me right away. Loud guitars, fast drums and plenty of swear words. Having revisited the album later, it became apparent that the albums lyrics were speaking to me also. Key lyric for me in this track was ‘I’m not a trendy asshole. Do what I want, do what I feel like’ It was the anthem of my teenage angst.

Jake: If I Could by Hundred Reasons from their debut Ideas Above Our Station was a really big thing for me. The ebb and flow of that song completely captured the 10 year old me. The main riff was so heavy yet the verses were so sparse and melodic. It’s quite funny to think this is still reflected in the music I write to this day.

A Song They Wished They Could Have Written
Stephen: Return Of The Jedi by Reuben is a musical masterpiece. I think anyone looking to start a band should listen to that song first and see if you still fancy it. It’s like ‘The modern music industry 101’. There’s a line that sticks with me – ‘So your favourite band, they don’t make their second album, dropped by the label cause they can’t pay back! It killed them!’ It lays it out that the music industry can be a tough place and that not everyone is going to care about your music. I always feel very proud to be at the point we are (releasing our second album) when I hear that lyric.

Jake: This is an easy one for me. The Dark Trail by The Fall Of Troy. I remember the first time I heard that song and just being completely bowled over. The sheer feeling of freedom in their writing and a sense of controlled chaos really captivated me. I can actually remember sitting with a friend listening to that particular song and almost being depressed by how catchy the melodies and riffs were!

Their Favourite ACODA Song
Stephen: I really love Make It Up As You Go which is the first track on Truth Seeker. It’s starts with a killer riff and the rhythm of the song just doesn’t let up. It’s got a big chorus and we all do a bit of vocals on that one. It definitely sets the tone of the new record.

Jake: This is like asking a parent who their favourite child is! At the moment I’d have to say Whispers Like Roars simply for the fact I had a lot to do with the writing of the music and lyrics for that one. I couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out.

A Song They Have Recently Been Listening To A Lot
Stephen: There’s A Price On Your Head by Enter Shikari has been getting played on repeat since their new album came out. I love how mad and scatty it is!! It’s spat more than sung, know what I mean?! I love how Shikari push the barriers of sound and promote a progressive society. It’s something I continually aspire to bring to sound of my own band.

Jake: Choice Mountain by Everything Everything. This band in general blow my mind but the is something so beautifully bleak about that particular song. It’s mainly about human evolution, as are a lot of their songs, but the way it is conveyed lyrically and musically couldn’t be more fitting. As the song moves on and becomes denser as the character goes trough various evolutionary stages then it gets stripped right back to nothing again. Back to the swamp so to speak.

Their All-Time Favourite Song
Stephen: The Artist In The Ambulance by my favourite band of all time Thrice. It’s hard to choose one specific track because all of their albums are full of bangers. I chose Artist because it’s a great sing-along tune and the lyrics are just perfect. The idea that a band/music can be ‘more than flashing lights and sound’ and be a vehicle for change in a crazy world.

Jake: I’m going to choose a Reuben song because I’d still probably class them as my favourite band of all time. Fall of the Bastille is simply incredible, even if not just for the blinding drumming and riffery but the lyrics also really captivated me. They have also come to mean different things to me as my life has gone one, which I find incredible. They continue to be almost too relatable.

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