Behind The Scenes: The Artwork Of Sonder By Above The Underground

We recently covered the new release by Above The Underground – see our review here. It’s always interesting to find out the thought processes behind the artwork, so we asked the band to tell us about it.

On the artwork

Above The Underground - SonderFor the artwork we worked with our old friend and collaborator Joe Latham. We’ve worked with him before on various projects and he always puts in so much time and effort. We love his style and in the end it just made sense to go with him.

The cover was something that took a while to come to form. We went through a load of ideas and drafts, way in advance of actually recording the record, before we came up with something we liked. Once we’d settled with the idea of the girl lost at sea it didn’t take long at all for it to all come together.

The inside of the artwork is my favourite part. It’s a throwback to a poster we had when Autumns came out, of this guy stood by a tree with all these monsters underground crawling up to get him, only this time it’s the girl in the boat and there are sea monsters swimming up underneath her, with it being all quiet and calm on the surface. It’s a really cool idea and the piece looks amazing.

All in all I think the artwork came out great. I think we like things to be a complete package. I can’t stand it when awesome records have artwork that looks like it was done on MS paint, so I’m super happy that Joe came up with something that not only ties in with the record itself, but also looks amazing as a standalone piece.

Joe Latham: Website

Above the Underground: Facebook|Twitter

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