Soundscape Magazine is an independently run, online rock and alternative music magazine. The magazine covers releases, live events, music culture and interviews, and is run by a dedicated team of writers, reviewers and photographers, who are always on top of what’s hot in the music industry and society.



Natalie Humphries – Editor
Contact: nathumphries@soundscapemagazine.com

Nadine Ballantyne – Photographer/Designer
Contact: nadineballantyne@soundscapemagazine.com

David Oberlin – Writer
Contact: david@soundscapemagazine.com

Current freelancers: Nathan Roach, Ryan Donnelly, Matt Higgs, Colm Browne, Paul Esp, Cornelius Vernon-Boase, Anneka Sillitoe, Lisa Mushroom, James Harker, Jack Wright

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Want to be in the magazine?
We’re always on the look out for new bands to cover and people to promote, whether you’ve got a new single, album, alternative clothing line, music studio or a local tour to promote – just drop our editor an email and she’ll get back to you as soon as she can. All music submissions must be recent and should be submitted with a press release (this should contain info about the artist, the new release and a promo shot/album cover).

Any direct review requests with digital copies can either be emailed as a zip file or shared directly with our dropbox account which is: info@soundscapemagazine.com


We accept both digital and physical submissions, whether it’s an album/EP/single/demo or music video.

Please note: If you are sending us a release for review, make sure to include the album artwork and either a press release.

If you wish to make a physical submission, drop a line to our editor Natalie for the address to post it to. nathumphries@soundscapemagazine.com

Please note, we receive a lot of review requests and are sometimes unable to fulfil them all. We do reply with links to posted reviews, so you should know if we have selected you for review. However, do feel free to send over future releases as this may be at a quieter time. Old releases can also be submitted for our ‘Blast From the Past’ section. Please make sure to label this as ‘Blast From the Past’ submission and again include any relevant artwork and original release date info.


If you would like to take advantage of advertising with us, a press kit is available upon request. Please email nathumphries@soundscapemagazine.com.