Abhorrent Decimation – The Pardoner Review

I do like a bit of noise, and Abhorrent Decimation have certainly delivered in that respect with their second album. A 50-minute slab of energy and aggression, this is The Pardoner.

What is especially good about this album is that it’s not a constant assault on your eardrums – Abhorrent Decimation have divided the music up well with a good balance between aggression and melody. They know when to bring the noise, and when to take a step back so that the listener isn’t constantly presented with a disorganised wall of sound – and it gives the piece more of an impact as a result.

There’s lots of great inclusions on The Pardoner and a clear highlight is fourth track Granted Indulgence, a track that is simply asking to be played at top volume. It will get your head banging along with the heavy riffs and the powerful and meaty vocals, and near the end there’s a nice section that combines a more melodic guitar line with bellowed vocals – and it just works!

The Pardoner is an album with a lot to give, and Abhorrent Decimation have really delivered with this one. If the energy and momentum is anything to go by, then surely it will be an absolute treat to witness the carnage in a live environment!


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