65daysofstatic – No Man’s Sky: Music For An Infinite Universe Review

65daysofstatic no man's skySoundtrack albums can sometimes be a little difficult to connect with if you don’t have the context or visuals for the music but this is definitely not the case with this mini masterpiece that 65daysofstatic have created and whilst it may have been created as the official soundtrack for the upcoming action-adventure survival game No Man’s Sky, it can also be enjoyed as a standalone piece (although I do imagine it is best appreciated along with the game itself).

No Man’s Sky: Music For An Infinite Universe has a tremendous flow and 65daysofstatic have once again proven that they’re the masters of instrumental rock because this is ten tracks of absolutely beautiful playing from the four piece. 65daysofstatic know what works for them and their music by now and there’s a well-rounded feeling to the performance; the band are clearly at ease with one another and the way they move together is great.

There’s a lot of warmth and colour to the album, and the music really gets under your skin as it progresses – Music For An Infinite Universe isn’t just an album you can stick on as background music simply because it’s an instrumental piece, as it’s a fully engaging listen from start to finish. Definitely worth checking out, no matter whether you intend to purchase the game or not!


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