An Interview With Lovelorn Dolls

Photo by: Ludovic Sirtaine

We spoke with Kristell Lowagie a.k.a. Ladyhell about the meaning of Goth and the latest Lovelorn Dolls album Darker Ages.

“These events deeply hurt me and changed my view of life and the world. “

Tell us something, anything at all, about Darker Ages?

Darker Ages is our third album and is definitely the darkest. We explore our darker sides as well as the darker side of humanity.

It was four years since your last full-length together. What brought about Darker Ages?

First we toured to promote our second album Japanese Robot Invasion. We then had some personal issues and put the band on hold for a while. Then last year, we decided the break was over and we worked on this new album for several months. The recent bad events in the world combined with depression brought [us] to Darker Ages.

What went in to writing Darker Ages, was there anything in particular that inspired it?

I was unfortunately inspired by the attacks in Europe in the recent years. These events deeply hurt me and changed my view of life and the world. The naivete has disappeared and has given way to a sad reality: tomorrow I can go to a concert or a party, I can go for a drink and never come back. I’m sorry that my kids have to grow up in the world like this.

How would you describe Darker Ages to a perfect stranger?

It’s electro-gothic new wave music with an intense atmosphere, bewitching female vocal lines and melodic riffs.

“It’s also a state of mind: exacerbated sensitivity; melancholy; joyful sadness.”

What is your favourite remix of a Lovelorn Dolls song?

Personnally my favorite remixes come from Helalyn Flowers and Battlejuice who transform our songs into synthpop and something old school 80s.

How do you interpret Gothic?

I’m thinking of art, black romanticism, fashion, and music. I think of black and flowing make up. It’s also a state of mind: exacerbated sensitivity; melancholy; joyful sadness.

Recently there was some upset at a glamor TV show selling a transformation as Goth to Gorgeous. What are your thoughts on the way the media tells people to look at Goths?

It’s just a way of getting people back to the norm. The fear of the alternative. The fear of the power. “Please, take off your war paint and shut up, young lady!”

Can you tell us anything about what the future holds for Lovelorn Dolls?

It’s a good question, but I don’t have a crystal ball. We hope that this new album will find its audience. We are already thinking about the music and artistic direction for the next album.

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