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Although I haven’t finished watching Stranger Things 2 yet its retrowave soundtrack resonates deeply with me in a fantastic blend of cinematography and music that effectively produces the gamut of emotions from deep within me. Similarly soundtracks in general offer the perfect accompaniment to a sequence of moving pictures. Breathing life into the cadaverous actions that a bunch of adults playing pretend are trying to depict and while the audience is the carriage of understanding visual art the music that comes with it provides the rails on which to travel. Here I’m going to offer up some killer themes that will accompany the hairs on the back of your neck as they sharpen in anticip…

Beyond The Black Rainbow – Sinoia Caves, Run Program: Sentionauts by Jeremy Schmidt

An errant pharmaceutical company conducting experiments on a human subject sounds like your typical Vaccine Age paranoid conspiracy but when the drugs don’t work and the captive escapes it becomes something more dangerous than we can imagine. Yet in context to the film the feeling of liberation is empowering and augmented by the throttle of these pipes.

Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain – Ozar Midrashim by Information Society

“Kain was deified.” Raziel noted. Mainly because the prequel to this was such a great game. However the opening cinematic that this song featured in was the perfect set up to a world wrought from the selfish protest of one man cum vampire to submit to a pseudo-socialist ideology in an already broken world.

Blade – Blood Is Pumping by Voodoo & Serano

An iconic scene that could only be more literal if it featured Slayer.

Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within – Der Fluch des Engelhart (The Lost Wagner Opera; The Curse of Engelhart) by Robert Holmes

In the context of the game this entire Opera was created with the intent to expose the nefarious Black Wolf who had little understanding of people. While both sad and provocative this scene captured the harrowing loss of innocence with class and sophistication.

Lyckantropen – Themes VI & VII by Ulver

Weird film about domestic abuse and or schizophrenia, and/or clone babies.

Battlestar Galactica – Something Dark Is Coming by Bear McCreary

We Infiltrated A Commune Of Nomads To Report Back To The Fash For Shits And Monies. Said no Journo this week.

Death Note – Kira Theme by Yoshihisa Hirano & Hideki Taniuchi

Fugget whatever the Anglicized thing that was released this year was trying to come out as. Light Yagami, the real prick with a penchant for grassing peeps up to the grim reaper, was fishier than every [REDACTED] Teacher there ever was. This contemplative theme held my interest in Lights’ character as it never disclosed the affinity behind his character but perpetuated the ever calculating mind of the misguided wee git.

The Mighty Boosh – Nanageddon by Tony Harrison

I used to work in a charity shop; this shit scares me!


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