3TEETH – shutdown.exe

3teeth-shutdown-exeWhen 3TEETH were introduced it was with such acclaim that you’d be forgiven if you thought that the hype train had just landed at Buy Me I’ll Change Your Life station. With more industry names being tacked on to sell the idea of their champion as a new kind of industrial they seemingly came out of the underground as veterans of an arduous tour of duty. 3TEETH soon became that band who everyone remembers but no-one had heard.

Lyrically shutdown.exe tackles the issue of consensus reality tunnels. A concept that may sound pretentious but is an amalgam of two theories. The first being Consensus reality which is part of a socially constructed reality, the second are Reality tunnels which are the filters we are conditioned and exposed to to become an entity in reality. With all the gloss implied with this knowledge how does the music hold up?

Pretty good actually. A heavy concept relayed with a heavy and detailed sound. There’s a sense of realism told not just with Alexis sultry vocals but in the sounds, the chords, the breaks and the build ups. Making shutdown.exe not just a socially political statement but an intelligence movement. It is the epitome of the idea that something can be greater than the sum of its parts.

It’s not a perfect album as there are times when the passive aggressive droll becomes monotonous and without a varied tempo it often leans close to an exploration of factory settings building industrial noise on a conveyor belt in shitty production conditions. However that’s just a minor grievance because as a whole 3TEETH make a wholesome package of malcontent and dissent.


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