2 Wolves – Shelter Review

2 wolves shelterIf catchy sing-along choruses, massive-sounding guitar lines and a stubborn unwillingness to conform to one sole genre sounds like your sort of thing then Shelter, the new album from 2 Wolves, will most likely be something you will enjoy. 2 Wolves do exactly this, and they do it well.

Sometimes it just doesn’t work when a band uses an amalgamation of genres to create their sound but Shelter is an album that flows magnificently from one song to the next. There’s melodic and massive-sounding opener Freedom Of Two, fast-paced and energetic Serpetine Paths In The Autumn Night and slightly doomy closer The Lake Of Black Swans to name but a few; 2 Wolves are not afraid to experiment and it’s really paid off.

Indeed, a particular highlight is second track Surrounding Fields and Stars in the Sky, which has a chorus you can’t help but sing along to, which is juxtaposed fantastically with the heavier guitar riffs. The melody and heaviness complement each other perfectly and it all works really well; it sticks in your head for all the right reasons and shows the band firing from all cylinders.

Shelter is an all-round gripping album and 2 Wolves have created something special with this one – quite simply, this is an album you can’t just listen to once and then forget about.


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