15 Reasons – The Art Of Commitment Review

15 Reasons art of commitmentI’m generally not one for comparing bands to others – I believe it’s always better to just sit back and enjoy the music rather than wasting time trying to draw similarities to other musicians – but to say that if you like Stone Sour, you’ll like 15 Reasons is somewhat of an understatement. They have a definite Stone Sour vibe to them and it works both in their favour and against them.

On the one hand, the album is verging on actually being better than anything the aforementioned American heavy metallers have done, but on the other hand it almost feels like a carbon copy so it would have perhaps been a little better if 15 Reasons had found their own sound rather than drawing so heavily from another.

Either way, The Art Of Commitment is an absolutely stellar album and opener Damage Done is a great little earworm; a track memorable for all the right reasons with one of those choruses that inevitably wind up stuck in your head. More highlights are the more melodic Around Me and the mindlessly catchy Worm Inside. 15 Reasons know how to write a good tune and the album is full of them.

A very strong effort from 15 Reasons – a wholly enjoyable listen.


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