11Paranoias – Reliquary For A Dreamed Of World Review

11ParanoiasGet prepped because after four seconds into the new 11Paranoias album you’ll be burdened by a heavy onslaught of downtuned noise that’s beautiful in it’s mess. It’s like the famous bedroom of Tracy Emin made (or unkempt) in music. Without the dirty underwear of course. Although at high volume you might be able to supply your own.

The dissonance coming from the bass frequencies on this album are enough to cause a tidal wave in a puddle as they push through what sounds like a dense wall of seasoned fog hiding a coastal cliff face. The thick veil a mask for a richer foundation of psychedelic doom laden madness.

For the most part Reliquary For A Dreamed Of World (the title of the album) takes a theatrical approach to livin’ as to a bad days trippin’ on LSD. Where the dense waves of sound wash over and move with mesmeric syncopation intensify the primal release of fear approaching with every step. The tonal ecology breathing like a living organism in deep raspy caws of terror.

Reliquary For A Dreamed Of World is an interesting album behind it’s heavy overdriven effect. The riffs themselves go from sludge inspired doom stylings to faster more intense rhythms. Permeated with horrific sounds and building up a concrete tension that inspires both wonder and anxiety at the darkness radiating from its melodies.

On reflection 11Paranoias sound like a drug fueled concussion still enjoying life amidst the confusion of external stimuli. Making sense of the world in brief moments of articulation but mostly droning on in an artificial world full of synesthetic colour. When scientists postulate on what the void sounds like Reliquary For A Dreamed Of World takes a pretty accurate reading.


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