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100 yearsSwedish indie-metal band 100 Years’ new self-titled debut album is a fantastic piece; it’s a unique offering that ticks a lot of the right boxes and showcases a band that is unafraid to take a few different approaches to stand out from the crowd.

100 Years utilise numerous different styles into their music to great effect, with elements of grunge, death metal, sludge and even a peppering of black metal in a few instances in addition to the more ‘prominent’ standard metal approach, and it just works. 100 Years give a confident and powerful performance throughout the piece and it really helps the album to make an impact.

A particularly good element of the band’s sound is the power behind the vocals, no matter what approach is taken. No matter whether it’s screams, bellows or clean vocals, each different style is performed to a very high standard and when coupled with the chunky wall of instrumentation, 100 Years are onto a winner. Highlights of the album include Breath Of Summer, a hard-hitting track you’ll want to bang your head along to, and The Flood, which has a stunning gloomy and doom-esque feel to it.

100 Years is a great debut from the band – you definitely need to keep your eyes on 100 Years!


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