10 Bands Not To Miss At 2000 Trees Festival

The last couple of years have seen 2000 Trees blossom into a captivating festival. One friends talk and look back to time and time again, and one that leads the way in promoting British talent. With staggering upcoming acts and reputable headliners this year is no different. Here’s a few bands we suggest you don’t miss at the festival, 6th-8th July.

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Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes.

Frank has always been a dicey man, his skills as a frontman has always pushed boundaries, that combined with his non-stop passion puts him a cut above the rest. Always invigorating live this is an act that’ll endure dancing and joy. With a freshly released album (Modern Ruin) they’ve got a lot to show off.

Jamie Lenman.

Jamie flickered back into our lives a few years ago with ambitious double album Muscle Memory and it struck gold. Back with new material after some time Jamie is a gentleman rock-star to watch live. Funny, down to earth and ready to mix things up. Expect to go from metal to hoedowns.

Pulled Apart By Horses.

A band that have been turning heads around the UK since 2008 with their groovy alt-rock quartet, PABH have built up a reputation for their refreshing live shows. Also out to promote recent album The Haze, PABH have stripped back their harder sound for grooves. *high five*

Black Peaks.

It feels like in the last two years Black Peaks has blasted into our lives and earned their place supporting giants the likes of Deftones. Their debut Statues was a perfect display of musicianship and tracks from it are a beauty to hear live. They’re that kind of band that when you listen to you just wish you were back at one of their shows.

Feed The Rhino.

A band that always feel like somewhat underrated in the metal community. Their explosive and intense shows continue to impress and their music continues to grow. With a return to the live scene this year it’s sure to be just as thrilling sight. If you need a band to get your mosh on, Feed The Rhino are it.

Queen Kwong.

With a unique story behind the discovery of multi-instrumentalist Carré the indie rock fusion is a colourful fitting on this bill. The band typically tour as a three piece with Wes Borland behind guitar duties. If you’re looking for something loud, confrontational yet dreamy check out Queen Kwong.


This Scottish four-piece has gained quite the notoriety lately with the release of their self-titled. Vukovi meaning Wolves in Serbian/Croatian is the rename of a previous band and the change has done them well. They’re a tight group and play like they mean it. Catch them before they explode. Seriously.

Hundred Reasons.

They’ve recently been announced apart of the exclusive forest sessions at 2000 Trees – a wonderful segment of the festival set in the intimate enchanted forests. Sit back, relax and take in the acoustic sound of your favourite band. Known for their ballistic shows it’ll be interesting to see them stripped down.

Grumble Bee.

Upcoming solo artists that has the feels of adventure and been there done that. If you want something to take edge off check out the soulful Grumble Bee.

Straight Lines.

These Welsh lads have been around the block more than your grandma has had cooked dinners. Although quiet in recent years Straight Lines have released a couple of new singles and hopped back on the live band wagon. Playing live comes natural and their passion and persistence shows with every performance.

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